Spiritual Electives

  • Called to Follow Jesus – The word ‘discipleship’ or ‘follower’ have in many ways become overused. Rather than talking about these things in general terms, this elective will explore what some ‘steps’ or ‘stages’ in the discipleship journey are, help you to work out which stage you are in and then set some concrete ‘next steps’ that you can take to grow as a disciple of Jesus.
  • Called to Know & Share the Gospel – You may be well familiar with phrases like ‘know the gospel’ and ‘share the gospel’ but when it comes to what that actually looks like in the circumstances of your life and relationships, you might have no idea. This elective will explore the question of how you can know the great news about Jesus and practically share it more effectively with others.
  • Called to Resist the Devil/Sin -We are in a war! We have been in a spiritual war all our lives. In fact every person on earth is part of this spiritual war. But how do we actually fight it? How do we do spiritual warfare? Is it all about ‘following the rules’ so that we can know ‘we have been good’? The pharisees did this and Jesus condemned them for it. So what does spiritual warfare look like? What does it mean to ‘deny ourselves’ and ‘put to death our old self selves’? How do we ‘resist the Devil’ and battle the sinful nature? What are the tools God gives us to fight well? This elective will explore how we can practically do these things.
  • Called to Defend the Faith – ‘So you think it’s wrong for people to be homosexual?’ ‘My friend died last year of cancer and she was the nicest person I knew – how could a good God allow that to happen?’ If you speak up about being a Christian, you’re bound to be asked really tough questions like these. How do you respond? This elective will explore some of the ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ of defending your belief in Jesus when confronted with tough questions.
  • Called to Choose Suffering – Everyone suffers. It’s part of living in a broken world. There’s sickness, war, poverty and hardships of all kinds. But what does it mean to suffer for the sake of the gospel? What does it look like to choose suffering for the sake of being Christ’s witnesses? This elective will drill down into the specific ways you might be doing it tough in your school, uni, workplace, family or friendships and how you can practically respond to these challenges.)
  • Called to Be a Rebel – Let’s face it, most of us like to be considered a rebel in some way or another. Yet the Bible calls us to submit to those in positions of leadership and authority over us. But what does this actually look like? More importantly, why the heck would we do it? What are the benefits – to us and our communities – if we live this out? This elective will explore this issue in a way that will radically redefine what can be truly considered ‘rebellious’.
  • Called to Lead the Church – A good many of the people coming to this convention are called by God to lead his church in a variety of ways. If you are a leader, could be a leader or have someone in your church who you want to raise up as a leader, this elective is for you. We’ll explore some of the things that God considers to be critically important in those called to lead in his church.
  • Called to Love the Outsider/Unloveable – Arguably the single greatest distinguishing feature of a follower of Jesus is their call to love those who they don’t like. In fact, they are to love the ones who hurt them and hate them. How true is this of you? Do you love the people in your church whom you don’t like? Do you love the people in your life who make your life miserable? Perhaps you have real searching questions about who in your life might fit the criteria to receive this kind of love and what such love really looks like. If that’s you, then this elective is for you.

Further info on the program will be published in the future 🙂